About Us

About Us

Power Ethernet is a British innovation company that designs and develops Integrated Powerline Networking Solutions of such flexibility that organisations, from multiple sectors, are able to deliver a high-speed secure data network into places where installing structural cables is challenging and costly. By using the existing mains wiring in the building, the Power Ethernet solutions not only make networking deployments simple and cost-effective, but also minimises disruption and downtime.

Understanding our customers

In today’s world, companies find themselves immersed in an astounding amount of digital data. Technology developments have vastly improved Healthcare and education systems and made them more accessible. Smart meters will make energy grids more efficient and an Internet connection gives companies the ability to access, distribute, promote and sell their services within the global market. This has dramatically speeded up the distribution of information and customers and staff now demand the ability to communicate from anywhere.

At Power Ethernet we understand the need for organisations to be well connected, to gain access to the network and Internet throughout the building and to take advantage of cloud services to effectively manage and control all their digital information. That's why we have developed a simple and robust Integrated Powerline Solution where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a high speed network.

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Understanding the technology

Power Ethernet's range of products incorporate business-grade HomePlug Powerline Communications and other complementary technologies to provide a complete networking solution for the delivery of many forms of digital data and environmental services, using the existing mains cables in the building.

Powerline Communication (PLC) is a proven, well-established and recognised standard that enables data transfer at narrow or broadband speeds through power lines already installed in the buildings by using advanced modulation technology.

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