Digital Signage

The increase use of digital signage in both public and private environments as a powerful tool to deliver targeted messages to specific locations and at specific times has created the need for providers to have access to a high speed, flexible and reliable network in order to be able to send digital content from  the central server no matter where the displays are located.

Powerline Sockets provide the ideal solution to connect every display quickly to the network in a simple, cost effective and secure way.

By simply replacing two or more traditional power sockets with the Powerline Sockets, a high-speed secure network is instantly created using the existing mains wiring in the building without the cost and disruption of installing additional cabling or reliance on WiFi networks.

The Powerline Sockets are equipped with Quality of Service (QoS) and 128bit of AES Data Security; essential characteristics to provide quality images and fully secure interactive image transport.