Connected TV

An increasing number of TV services are now being delivered via the Internet. Services such as You View, BBC iPlayer, BT Vision, Virgin’s on Demand and Sky Anytime+ offer TV programmes and movies "on-demand" for viewing via a set-top box, Internet enabled TV, games console or computer. To access online TV services and to enjoy the new features and content offered, a high speed Internet connection is needed.

The challenge is how to share the Internet access throughout home regardless of where the Internet access point may be located.

Although wireless WiFi networks may be useful for laptops, they are not robust enough to be used as the main network transport for digital content. Structured CAT5/6 cabling is expensive and its installation is very disruptive.

The Powerline Sockets simplicity in solving the challenge of installing a robust wired network have proven to be the perfect solution to deliver Internet in every room at home using nothing more than the existing mains wiring in the building.It can be installed anywhere where there is power without the need for installing any additional cabling.

With the Powerline Sockets you can enjoy the best quality online TV services anywhere at home!