Powerline Sockets are the ideal solution to provide a high-speed, secure network using the existing mains wiring in the building without the cost and disruption of installing additional cabling or reliance on WiFi networks.

Its unique design incorporates four switched Ethernet ports in a standard UK double-gang  power socket with all the advantages of reliability, compliance with health and safety regulations and aesthetic appeal.

With the growing demands for network access, few businesses have enough Ethernet ports to go around. Although wireless may be useful for laptops, it is not robust nor secure enough to be used as a primary form of networking.

Structured CAT5/6 cables is expensive and its installation is disruptive to a business. It is so disruptive that companies often delay adding additional ports until absolutely necessary and any make-shift cabling fixes tend to be a Health and Safety risk.

Installing two or more Powerline Sockets immediately creates a secure Ethernet network running across the existing copper mains power cables.

Businesses benefit by being able to quickly extend their Ethernet network with the minimum of disruption and cost.