Case Study: Blue Sky Computer Solutions

Case Study: Blue Sky Computer Solutions

Blue Sky Computer Solutions

Chris Lambert, Support Engineer from Blue Sky Computer Solutions was hired to install networking in a building that was over 250 years old. Three rooms needed to be networked together, making up the office for Kemsley & Company Solicitors.

The Business Challenge

Power Ethernet Socket in the wall

Chris required a simple way to provide data networking between the three office rooms in order to provide network connectivity and Internet access. As the house was built using solid local stone, WiFi was unable to reliably penetrate such thick walls, making it unsuitable as a main networking solution. Running CAT5 cable presented a significant investment in time and money, requiring the boring of holes through stone wall and careful redecoration afterwards. Plug-in Powerline adaptors were not contemplated as a permanent solution as they may be accidentally unplugged and did not provide a professional finish for the office.


Chris decided to install Power Ethernet Sockets as they offered the simplest way to create a robust data network without the need for cabling or unreliable plug-in adapters. By simply unscrewing and replacing each existing power socket with a Power Ethernet Socket in the three main rooms, a high speed Ethernet network was instantly created. Connecting the company’s Internet router to any one of the Power Ethernet Sockets automatically shared this Internet connection across all other Sockets, bringing the entire office online.

Caroline Kemsley-Pein, managing director of Kemsley & Company, said: “We’re delighted with the networking solution Chris provided. We were online within a couple of hours, with no mess, no disruption and the sockets look fantastic. Our printers, PCs and laptops all connect seamlessly together – and if we need to add more devices, we have plenty of free Ethernet ports."
"Kemsley & Company just needed a simple way to connect its computers to each other, and to the Internet. Unfortunately, its office building was neither wireless nor wired network friendly, built long before the need for easy cable installation was imagined. Power Ethernet Sockets provided the perfect solution for me; I was able to get the job done and have a delighted client without the need to channel through nicely decorated walls and making good after installation. I will certainly be employing Power Ethernet Sockets in places were running cables is not practical in future." -- Chris Lambert, Support Engineer, Blue Sky Computer Solutions