Case Study: Boldstone Sculpture

Case Study: Boldstone Sculpture

Boldstone Sculpture


Boldstone Sculpture designs and sculpts wall pieces and water features for interior and exterior environments. The company recently moved to a new studio and office premises in a converted coach house south of Bath. The building has four main offices that need Internet access and although it was recently refurbished it does not have CAT5 cabling installed. WiFi had been tried but proved to be unreliable since several internal walls are made from solid local stone.

The Business Challenge

Boldstone Sculpture needed a simple way to provide Internet connectivity and data networking between the four main offices. Installing structured cabling was too disruptive and quite complicated because of the thickness of the walls and WiFi networking was not reliable enough.

The Solution

Boldstone Sculpture coach house

Power Ethernet Sockets have proved an ideal solution to easily connect the building’s four main rooms. By simply replacing one traditional power socket in each of the four offices with the Power Ethernet Sockets, Boldstone’s team were able to make efficient use of all the space and get access to the Internet and to the company files without the disruption of installing dedicated cabling. The design of the Power Ethernet Socket blends in well with the design of the coach house and as the Power Ethernet Socket works like a distributed network switch, no further equipment was required to connect the computers together.

"By simply replacing four power sockets with Power Ethernet Sockets, we were able to connect our four main offices together and provide Internet connectivity to all of them. This saved us the cost and disruption of installing cables. The Power Ethernet solution proved to be the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to connect the offices together. " -- Sally Price, owner of Boldstone Sculpture