Case Study: Ifonic Plc

Case Study: Ifonic Plc

Ifonic plc is a specialist telecommunication company with a cost-effective solution which provides voice continuity and resilience for SME voice networks.  The company has recently expanded by taking on additional office space.  The new office space is physically separated from the original office by the communal staircase and lift-shafts.

Connecting the two offices together turned out to be a real challenge: using CAT5 Ethernet cables would require extensive drilling and the installation of conduit. WiFi networking was not an option because of the metal in the lift shafts blocked the signal. WiFi was also ruled out because Ifonic uses VoIP telephones and a thin client which does not support WiFi networking.

The Business Challenge

Ifonic needed a simple way to connect the two office spaces together to form a single data network: Installing structured cabling was too complicated and expensive and WiFi networking was not suitable. They needed a quick to install solution which did not require prior approval from the landlord.


Power Ethernet Socket installed at Ifonic PLC

Power Ethernet’s Powerline Sockets offered Ifonic a simple solution to connect the two office spaces together.  By just replacing a handful of the traditional power sockets with the Powerline Sockets, Ifonic was able to extend its Ethernet network without the disruption and the cost of installing CAT5 cable.

The Powerline Sockets also provided Ifonic with business class networking that incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) essential functionality that prioritises voice communications with a high level of security making it an ideal solution for the VoIP telephones.


Ifonic was able to quickly expand into the new office space with the minimum of disruption, cost and time.  The Power Ethernet Socket solved the challenges of expanding into new offices.

"By simply replacing two power sockets with Power Ethernet Sockets, we were quickly able to connect the two office areas together.  This saved us the cost and disruption of installing cables and of course the hassle of seeking landlord permission to install conduit in the common areas of the building.  The Power Ethernet solution just worked out of the box." -- Huw Griffiths, Systems Manager, Ifonic PLC