Case Study: Kenneth McKelvey

Case Study: Kenneth McKelvey


Kenneth McKelvey Home

Kenneth McKelvey wanted to upgrade his multi-room Hi-Fi system so that it could play digital media by adding a Sonos device whilst keeping the existing amplifiers and loudspeakers.  The house already has CAT5 wiring installed in all main rooms but there was no Ethernet network point in the Hi-Fi rack which contains the centralised sound distribution system and the Sonos device needs an Internet connection. 

The Challenge

The challenge for Kenneth was to find a simple way to get internet connectivity from the router located in the entrance hall to his Hi-Fi cabinet in the sitting room.  Common with many older houses in Britain, the house has two-foot thick stone walls, which are largely impervious to wireless (WiFi) signals. Although running new Ethernet cable was an option,channelling through the stone walls is expensive and would require extensive redecoration afterwards.

The Solution

Kenneth McKelvey Home Inside

Replacing two existing power sockets with Power Ethernet Sockets (one in the Hi-Fi rack and the other near the internet router) was the simplest and quickest solution to extend the existing cable network and have a reliable and high speed Internet connection as no rewiring was required.

The Power Ethernet solution enabled Kenneth to listen to digital audio and stream music from the internet as well as share media with the Sonos device and remotely manage it via computer or iPad.

"We installed a pair of Power Ethernet Sockets, one in the cupboard and another near the main Internet connection as it comes into the house” explained Kenneth. “The solution is tidy and works beautifully; the sockets provide me with a reliable and fast internet connection that allows me to stream my entire music library, access music services, and radio stations without any interruption.”