Case Study: Lord Stanley Pub

Case Study: Lord Stanley Pub


Stanley Pubs Ltd was formed in 2012 by Amanda Pritchett, Chris Heard, Martin Larnach and Tom Gilroy. Together their aim is to create a group of pubs serving quality produce in a traditional pub environment.  Soon after taking over The Lord Stanley, and on a busy Friday night, the pub’s new PDQ chip-and-pin terminals began to lose connection to the payment server during transactions preventing the pub from processing any card payments and seeing customers having to go to local ATMs.

The Challenge

The structured cabling network that had been installed by the pub’s previous owners to run between the upstairs office, pub floor and downstairs storeroom had simply failed. This meant that card payments could not be processed or logged, requiring the pub to only accept cash – and with the nearest ATM a fair distance away, the pub quickly began to lose business. The owners temporarily relocated the PDQ terminal to the storeroom in order to resume connection, but each terminal’s short battery life meant staff had to continually run up and down a steep pair of steps to charge the device during quiet periods.  A more thorough investigation revealed that mice had gnawed through various sections of cable, permanently cutting the connection between the router and the PDQ terminals.  The affected cabling was located underneath carpeted floorboards, and repair or replacement work would have caused significant disruption to the pub’s kitchen and bar area and in turn its customers.

The Solution

Powerline Communications (PLC) technology was identified as a possible solution, as it would enable a new, robust network to be created using the heavily shielded power cables within the pub’s walls – designed to withstand rodent attack.  Three Powe Ethernet Sockets were quickly installed by a local electrician – one by the bar, one in the upstairs office and one in the downstairs storeroom –  and proved ideal for this purpose, as spur sockets were easily installed within the pub’s bar area and in its downstairs office.  A fast and reliable wired PLC Ethernet connection was instantly created between the building’s floors using its existing electrical cabling ,capable of handling both terminals working together even during peak times.

Tom Gilroy Director of  Stanley Pubs Ltd said "We looked at using WiFi, but the number of other wireless networks in nearby proximity, and even from customers’ smartphones – as well as the thick floors and walls of the pub – meant that the signal kept dropping out. Giving up on the wired network and installing Power Ethernet Sockets was a fantastic move for us – the Sockets have performed flawlessly since the minute they were installed. We would have lost thousands of pounds worth of business if we’d had to re-run cable – with no assurance that the mice would not re-offend”