Case Study: Konnectiv Technology

Case Study: Konnectiv Technology

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Power Ethernet Sockets solve difficult installation of AV system in a converted water tower.

The Challenge

Konnectiv Technology Ltd, a company specialised in delivering  easy-to-use control and entertainment systems for home and business, was commissioned to set up a new dedicated AV system throughout a converted water tower in the Derbyshire Dales.

An Ethernet data network was required to link the various AV appliances within the building – but due to its unusual reinforced concrete construction, this presented a unique challenge. With walls as thick as three metres and reinforced with steel, installation of structured cabling was impossible; similarly, wireless internet signals could not permeate them.

The Solution

Powerline Communications (PLC) technology was suggested as a way to transmit data signals using the building’s pre-existing power cables to bridge two wireless access points connected on each floor with the Internet connection located in the lounge and the various wireless devices used in the bedrooms and other rooms.

Konnectiv Technology identified Power Ethernet Sockets as the ideal solution for professionally installing PLC within the tower.

Three Power Ethernet Sockets were strategically located in order to position the two wireless access points to provide a strong, balanced signal to all bedrooms.

PE Socket Installation by Konnectiv

Diagnosing Speed Issues

Once the Power Ethernet Sockets were installed, they worked briefly and then failed to connect.

Using Power Ethernet’s diagnostic software together with a visual inspection, Konnectiv Technology noted that RCBOs (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent) had been installed throughout the building. RCBOs generate a charge field in order to monitor earth leakage and prevent overload, severely disrupting PLC signals. 

Furthermore, a plug-in air freshener was found to be generating large amounts of noise.

An audit and mapping of the building’s electrical cabling identified that the optimum way to connect the Power Ethernet Sockets would be to put them on the same circuit to avoid the noise and to allow them to transmit data without interference and disruption from the RCBOs.

Installation PE Sockets

The Power Ethernet Sockets were reinstalled and tested again in the new setup, with the air freshener relocated to the filtered socket on the front of the Power Ethernet Socket, eliminating its interference.

Kriss Hogg, Managing Director of Konnectiv Technology Ltd said: "My client needed a professionally-installed cable networking solution to overcome the issues presented by this unique building. I immediately thought of PLC technology, but knew that PLC adapters would not provide the professional, permanent install required. Power Ethernet sockets proved to be an ideal solution here; once the issues with RCBOs were overcome, the setup worked flawlessly, providing high-speed wireless internet access to all bedrooms."