Case Study: La Gaffe Hotel

Case Study: La Gaffe Hotel

Power Ethernet's Integrated Powerline Solution finally eliminated weak Wi-Fi spots at La Gaffe.

La Gaffe Logo

Opened in 1962 and located in the heart of Hampstead Village, La Gaffe Guest Accommodation and Restaurant is a family run, award winning business that offer its customers a friendly, quality dining and accommodation experience.

The business is comprised of terraced workman’s cottages constructed in the 1850’s with 18 guest rooms, a restaurant and bar located among multiple dwellings and it offers is customers with Wi-Fi Internet access in the bedrooms and communal areas.

The management is keen to offer its customers a reliable Internet experience; in the rooms, the restaurant and the bar (these days expected as a part of the hospitality), but the Wi-Fi Network hasn't been robust enough to provide reliable internet access as it suffers from coverage black spots throughout the day.

La Gaffe Hotel, Hampstead uses Power Ethernet Sockets

The Business Challenge

La Gaffe was looking for a robust and easy to use networking solution that can be extended to the guest rooms, the restaurant and the bar and that can be installed with minimum of disruption, building work and downtime to the normal operation of the hotel.

The solution must allow the management team to easily secure the network by changing passwords and provide multiple access points around the hotel for specific applications such as IP phones and EPOS systems.

Due to thick,signal-degrading walls, the size and distribution of the property, the current WiFi network hasn’t been reliable enough to be the primary networking solution. The WiFi repeaters are unable to see each other causing weak wireless signals, or signal drops.

Structural data cabling was immediately ruled out as it was considered too expensive and disruptive to install. It will require cutting into walls and ceilings causing additional building work and disrupting the normal operations of the hotel, bar and restaurant.

Powerline Networking was identified as a viable solution, as this would enable them to use the existing power cables to transmit a high speed data network.

The Solution

La Gaffe contacted Power Ethernet who offered an Integrated Powerline Solution, a hybrid solution that combined Powerline Technology, Ethernet and WiFi to distribute Internet connectivity throughout the building.

The Power Ethernet Solution uses Powerline Networking as the network backbone. This creates a secure and high speed networking infrastructure that allows data transmission by the electrical cabling. Once the WiFi access points are running under the Powerline Network they can then be repositioned exactly where needed. After a site survey, eight Power Ethernet’s Powerline Sockets were added to the network in strategic locations, and WiFi points were relocated in order to create a reliable data network.

It was also identified that as the property cut across multiple phases (expected as it has being converted from a number of individual houses) -- Ethernet patch cabling was needed between 3 Powerline Sockets to bridge the network between phases and create a single data network across the phases. ( see picture below red, blue and green colours signifying the phases).

La Gaffe Power Ethernet Powerline Socket Network Diagram

The Powerline Sockets allocates 4 port managed network switches as well as local power point per unit which made them ideal for installation of services such as IP Voice telephony, Wireless Network devices, high speed internet access, EPOS and any other future network base system.

As a result, instant distribution of Internet access was achieved throughout the building and as there was no need of installing any new structural cabling, the network was deployed in a matter of hours and wherever needed in the building without any major building works. This not only made the deployment of the data network cost-effective, but also minimised disruption and downtime.

Key Benefits of Power Ethernet’s Solution:

  • Fast and robust Internet access with minimal disruption and no mess.
  • As no rewiring is needed, installation can be done in a matter of hours keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • The flexibility of the Power Ethernet technology allows the solution to be implemented across single and three phase electrical boards.
  • High value, low investment cost of providing internet in each room up and running in a matter of hours.
  • As the solution fits into the existing electrical wiring, the installation is discreet, theft and tamper-proof and looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Eliminates cost of “making good” the décor.
  • There is limited loss of revenue as the hotel’s normal operations are not noticeably disrupted by the installation.
Lorenzo Stella,Owner of La Gaffe said: "We are very pleased with Power Ethernet’s Integrated Data Solution, not only was it installed in a matter of hours, but also it allowed us to continue with our normal operation in both the hotel and the restaurant saving us lots of time and money. At last, we found a solution that banished the WiFi coverage black spots and now, reliable Internet connectivity is available throughout the hotel, the restaurant and the bar."