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Article: Paul Brown from Channel 4 writes about his experience with the Power Ethernet Socket in his own home.

Channel 4 Paul Brown Home Installation

In April 2012 we found our house, it was probably the 33rd or so place we had looked at (including aborted London attempts earlier the year before). Initially we’d put in an offer for a house further down the same street, but we changed our mind when we saw how many original features this end of terrace gem had. Having not been decorated since the 1960′s it still had picture rails, all original floorboards and doors, virtually no dampness – this is how our parents and grandparents used to live!

We put an offer in as soon as we could which got accepted second time around, four months later the house buying process came to its long and convoluted and we moved in at the start of September 2012. Through a very cold and snowy winter we lived with no central heating and cooked on a two ring camping stove, the bathroom was also in the garden!

Paul Brown Channel 4 Powerline Socket

In December that year we selected an architect and setup breathing new life into our little 30's house by the sea, the core ethos behind the design was to strike a balance between recycling and saving energy, retaining features whilst installing some cutting edge technology. In the end of the whole house was re-modelled and stripped back to the basics. We manage to salvage nearly all the original floor boards, the doors and some of the old utility type furniture, we also managed to install underfloor heating throughout and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system to reduce our heating bills in the winter, as well as triple glazing.

Being an Internet marketer I am quite into technology, not in Fanboy type I have to have anything style, but I appreciate it when it can make your life simpler. When I came across Power Ethernet (recommended by our architect) I definitely wanted to install its products in our house. Power Ethernet installation at Paul Brown's channel 4 And lucky we could as our builders forgot to lay CAT5e cable where they had been instructed in our plans! There are various Powerline products on the market for networking, but none look as nice and offer the features of those supplied by Power Ethernet.


We have setup the Power Ethernet sockets throughout our house (they were so easy to install) all linking back to the socket that sits in our services cupboard connecting to our BT Openreach Modem. The performance is great with HD content from Amazon Prime playing on our TV just fine and anything we want to do with our Sonos System working equally well. Overall we are very pleased with how our renovation has gone and are really enjoying all the our powerline network. I have heard of Wifi by the way, but it does have its issues!