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CEDIA Launches First Powerline Networking Training With Power Ethernet

CEDIA recognises growing importance of Powerline to AV and home automation installers with accreditation of Power Ethernet-led training workshops

ONELAN logo October 23rd, 2012 - CEDIA has accredited a new training workshop from Powerline networking manufacturer, Power Ethernet, for its members. Power Ethernet is launching  “The Future of Home Technology” training course at CEDIA’s Conference on the 23rd and 24th of October and running on stand demonstrations of the product.

The new workshop will provide CEDIA members with the skills and knowledge required to confidently specify Powerline data networks and integrate with AV and Home Automation systems. The first half-day session will be held on 12th November at CEDIA HQ in St Neots. Installers can sign up at

CEDIA Professional Certification CEU Provider

The course is backed by the offer of a Power Ethernet Evaluation Pack* to CEDIA members. The evaluation pack includes two Power Ethernet Sockets at the reduced price of £99 and an installer support pack so installers can test the product and demonstrate to customers. Installers can sign up at

The first Powerline Networking training course to be accredited by CEDIA, recognises the growing importance of Powerline technology in AV and Home Automation installs, and the increasing take up of Power Ethernet's integrated Powerline products. As a CEDIA CEU Training partner, the Power Ethernet course will enable CEDIA members to gain Continuing Education Units that will count towards their personal CEDIA certification.

New CEDIA member Kris Hogg, MD of Konnectiv Technology said, "CEDIA's recognition of the value of Powerline to AV installers and their engaging with Power Ethernet to help CEDIA members get up to speed with the technology is a very smart move. Powerline may not be top of the list for AV and home automation installs but recent developments like Power Ethernet's integrated power and data socket have made it a very valuable tool. I've not come across a building that doesn't have electrical cabling and power points so Power Ethernet is my get-out-of-jail free card for installs where running new cabling is complicated or cost-prohibitive. The addition of a small four port switch and a filtered power outlet makes it a really interesting option for use behind TV's where cabling is limited."

The Power Ethernet workshop will provide installers with the knowledge and practical skills needed to specify and install Powerline networks as an alternative to or complement to traditional Ethernet cabling or WiFi networking. The course will cover a range of applications including home theatre, multi-room audio distribution, digital signage, CCTV and home automation and enable installers to confidently integrate a Powerline network with other AV and home automation systems. It combines education, practical demonstrations, Q&A and test.

James Gardiner, Marketing Director at Power Ethernet said, “We’re excited to be working with CEDIA to help increase Powerline networking knowledge and skills within the CEDIA member base. By integrating Powerline technology into sockets, Power Ethernet has turned Powerline into an interesting proposition for installers and the CEDIA members we are working with all recognise its value. Powerline technology is developing rapidly and it will quickly become a staple technology within the Connected Home.”

* The Installer Evaluation Pack includes two Power Ethernet sockets and an installer guide. The offer is limited to one per company

About Power Ethernet:

Founded in 2011, Power Ethernet is a UK technology start-up with an innovative, new approach to PowerLine-based networking for both home and commercial applications. Powerline is a proven, well-established and recognised standard that uses power cables to create an instant Ethernet network. Power Ethernet’s patent pending integration of Powerline networking technology into electrical sockets provides an effective solution for businesses and home users who seek a simple but elegant solution for creating a high-speed, highly reliable network.