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EDT Offshore saves tons of time and money in refitting their fleet with Power Ethernet’s data networking solution

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9th April 2014, Power Ethernet’s Integrated Powerline Solution has been adopted by supplier of high-specification offshore support vessels to the Oil and Gas industry worldwide EDT Offshore after the increasing demand for a reliable and secure data communications for VoIP, IT networks and IP camera services throughout the Vessels.

As off shore operations normally run under limited bandwidth -- often via Satellite link -- allocation and prioritisation of the bandwidth becomes crucial to enable access data from a number of strategic points and improve crew welfare, security and communication.

Typically, ships consist of 3 decks and have approximately 14 cabins per deck with Internet access needed in each cabin.As such, the networking needs of a ship or off shore installation are similar to those found on shore but with the added challenge that it is almost impossible to cable through watertight steel bulkheads.Installation using additional Ethernet cabling is time consuming, expensive and disruptive, as it requires some alteration to the fabric of the vessel to not compromise the watertight/fireproof integrity. Wireless solutions have a place but cannot offer the reliability or penetrate the fabric of the structure owning to the high amount of metalwork.

Power Ethernet offered EDT an Integrated Powerline Networking Solution which provided instant distribution of satellite Internet access across the whole vessel by creating a data network that runs over the electrical wiring on board.

As there was no need of installing any new cabling, the network was deployed in a matter of hours and wherever needed in the vessel without any major work to on-board structures. This, not only made the networking deployment cost-effective, but also minimised disruption and downtime.

Power Ethernet’s solution provided EDT a number of important benefits including:

  • EDT can turn around data fit-outs in port far quicker and more cost effectively. This enables EDT’s clients to gain a more efficient service at sea.
  • Installation of VOIP services and CCTV becomes straightforward and the operation of these services can be easily managed and data prioritised using the management software.
  • Access points for data can be either enabled, given priority or disabled when desired.
  • Where appropriate, virtually any IP driven application can be facilitated such as AV entertainment systems.
  • Access points can readily be relocated and others enabled for local area or deck services, such as local Wi-Fi for portable devices.
  • Simplifying the support requirements by using the same network configuration across all vessels
  • Any EDT vessel can quickly link into the on-shore network as the two networks are compatible with each other. This means that the crew benefit from high speed Internet access whilst in-port across the existing infrastructure.
Dominic Landucci- IT Consultant from EDT. said: “Before we installed any new equipment it had to undergo rigorous testing and had to meet tough conditions of performance, as it must whilst operating in harsh marine environments. The Power Ethernet’s Integrated Powerline Solution test included the hardware, the data network and the management software. We set out to find the ideal outcome to our many network challenges. We found that the Power Ethernet’s solution really opened up new options for us. It has proved to be robust and reliable allowing us to allocate and prioritise bandwidth access when off-shore and providing fast internet access all over the vessel when on shore. We manage to quickly deploy the network while the vessel was under routinely maintenance service and it was up and running with very little disruption or downtime saving us tons of both time and money”

About Power Ethernet:

Founded in 2011, Power Ethernet is a UK technology start-up with an innovative, new approach to PowerLine-based networking for both home and commercial applications. Powerline is a proven, well-established and recognised standard that uses power cables to create an instant Ethernet network. Power Ethernet’s patent pending integration of Powerline networking technology into electrical sockets provides an effective solution for businesses and home users who seek a simple but elegant solution for creating a high-speed, highly reliable network.