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ONELAN digital signage certifies Power Ethernet PLC sockets for multicast video streaming


28 March 2012 – Power Ethernet Sockets, by British start-up Power Ethernet, have been certified for use with ONELAN Digital Signage products, having demonstrated superior networking capability as well as multicast video streaming functionality.

ONELAN focuses on the distribution and play-out of Multimedia over IP networks and has developed leading edge hardware and software products, requiring a robust Ethernet network to operate. While mains power is usually easy to access in order to power these systems, challenges often arise in connecting devices to a data network. Amendment to original networking specifications is often required, and in older buildings, built with only basic electric cabling in mind, extending a network can require significant work to install cable in thick walls, in turn resulting in potentially high redecoration costs.

Based on the Home Plug AV standard for Powerline Communications (PLC), the Power Ethernet socket offers digital signage installers a professional alternative to running additional data cabling and switching. In keeping with ONELAN’s policy to reduce network cost while increasing the speed and reliability of video distribution, the PE Socket promises a non-disruptive, reliable video networking solution for AV and digital signage installations which WiFi cannot always provide.

In order to confirm compatibility, ONELAN sent multiple multi-cast video streams (approximately 4x4Mbps) between two Power Ethernet sockets.

David Dalzell, managing director of ONELAN, said: “We’re delighted to confirm that Power Ethernet Sockets offer an ideal solution to building connectivity issues. In our tests, the sockets performed exceptionally well – even when tasked with carrying multiple Multicast Video streams.”
Power Ethernet managing director, Daniel Rogoff, said “ONELAN products have a fantastic reputation in the industry and we’re thrilled that the PE Socket has been certified to make installation of these systems even easier for digital signage installers. We share the same desire to offer the industry a simple and professional approach to high speed networking which culminates in the distribution of high quality video footage and simple digital signage installations.”

Power Ethernet Sockets are available from Arktron. For sales, product availability and quotations, please contact:


ONELAN was founded in 1988 and has been developing Digital Signage products since 2001. It has developed leading edge hardware appliances and software products that deliver ease of use, manageability, network security and scalability to the world of Digital Signage.

About Power Ethernet:

Founded in 2011, Power Ethernet is a UK technology start-up with an innovative, new approach to PowerLine-based networking for both home and commercial applications. Powerline is a proven, well-established and recognised standard that uses power cables to create an instant Ethernet network. Power Ethernet’s patent pending integration of Powerline networking technology into electrical sockets provides an effective solution for businesses and home users who seek a simple but elegant solution for creating a high-speed, highly reliable network.