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Should Hotels offer free WiFi?

28 Feb 2014. James Gardiner, Product Strategy Director of Power Ethernet talks about the WiFi Revolution in Hotels for Big Hospitality Magazine.

A hot topic at the recent Hospitality Technology Europe 2014 conference was the disruption caused by technology providers like OTAs to a hotel’s traditional revenue streams and whether hotels can use technology to counter these and other effects to realise profits and top-line revenue. The perennial question on whether hotels should charge for Internet access or try to maintain it as a revenue stream was hotly debated now that client’s demand for Internet access is a growing requirement.

The conclusion was that a lack of free basic Internet access can put clients off booking but a premium tier service should be offered to those who want fast Internet to access their office systems. The panel was united that hotels need to use technology to get to know their clients better and to promote value added offers that could be turned into new revenue opportunities.

There was also a warning: hotel owners need to be aware that, if they enter into long term revenue sharing models with providers of WiFi networks, they may be forced to charge for Internet access for the length on the contract or have to pay a hefty penalty clause. Some hotels have done the maths and found that the incremental value of bookings by providing free Internet is worth more than their share of charging for Internet access.

An alternative is for hotels to own the networking infrastructure. The latest business-grade Powerline technology, as used by the likes of De Vere Hotels, allows for a data network to be installed using the existing mains wiring without needing to cut into walls and ceilings thus keeping the downtime and disruption to a minimum – a big saving all round.

Read here for the De Vere's solution to offer a highly reliable Internet access in their "Chambre Unique" rooms

The original article can be found at Big Hospitality: Customer focused technology Smart experiences

About Power Ethernet:

Founded in 2011, Power Ethernet is a UK technology start-up with an innovative, new approach to PowerLine-based networking for both home and commercial applications. Powerline is a proven, well-established and recognised standard that uses power cables to create an instant Ethernet network. Power Ethernet’s patent pending integration of Powerline networking technology into electrical sockets provides an effective solution for businesses and home users who seek a simple but elegant solution for creating a high-speed, highly reliable network.