What reviewers and customers have said so far

The Power Ethernet Sockets have been installed and tested by a variety of magazines, technical journals, newspapers as well as by customers.  Here is a selection of their experiences:

The Financial Times logo

Financial Times

Jonathan Margolis of The Financial Times: “ These neat new British power sockets with built-in data ports are a revelation then, fine tuned and filtered as they are for data - but requiring no extra wiring. You can install as many as you want in most buildings. Almost as good as dedicated network cables and about 100 times easier to install.”

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channel 4 Double your House for Half the Money

Paul Brown from Channel 4

Paul Brown from Channel 4 “Double Your House for Half the Money” “We have setup the Power Ethernet sockets throughout our house (they were so easy to install) all linking back to the socket that sits in our services cupboard connecting to our BT Openreach Modem. The performance is great with HD content from Amazon Prime playing on our TV just fine and anything we want to do with our Sonos System working equally well. Overall we are very pleased with how our renovation has gone and are really enjoying all the our powerline network. ”

The Times Magazine

Simon Hills of The Times Magazine: 5 reasons why we love... Power Ethernet PE Sockets

  1. They replace signals from wireless systems- from a router to your TV for BBC iPlayer, say- and send them through your mains.
  2. Gives you a wired system without the expense of installing cables.
  3. Avoid signal drop-outs.
  4. The sockets simply replace your existing ones.
  5. You can plug in up to four devices.

Girls n Gadgets

Leila Gregory of Girls n Gadgets "One of my pet hates is not having internet in all the rooms in my house. It drives me mad, especially when you pay good money for a fast internet service. I seem to always live in places where I get no internet in my bedroom, but there is an easy, and actually quite awesome,  answer – PE Sockets from Power Ethernet."

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The Sunday Times logo

Sunday Times Tech & Net    (4/5)

Matt Hanson of The Sunday Times: “Power Ethernet Sockets Best for Tidiness. The result is easily the most attractive setup on test ”

SDK Electrical UK

Steve Kelly owner of SDK Electrical UK said: "Power Ethernet provided a very informative half day course. I attended not expecting to learn a great deal but instead was surprised by how much I didn't know about the product. I now feel fully confident in supplying, informing and installing this product to future clients."

Jonker Electricians Ltd

Julian Jonker from Jonker Electricians Ltd said “I can strongly recommend the training to any electrician who wants to prepare for the future of home automation and networking.”

Mark Wilson blog

Mark Wilson from "I’ve been really pleased with my Power Ethernet devices and I’d certainly recommend them for home or small business use."

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Stuart Miles of Pocket-Lint: "If you are looking to get a wired connection to devices such as your new YouView box or your Xbox 360, and want more than one Ethernet connection via your plug socket this is worth considering."

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Alex Lane at Recombu Reviews: "Power Ethernet’s T1000 is the first in a range designed to make powerline networking more flexible and elegant. I’ve seen several reviews criticising the PE T1000’s cost compared to single-socket Ethernet adapters costing £40. This compares more closely to adapters with multiple Ethernet ports that are likely to cost around £100 and are a lot less elegant."

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PC Advisor

Jim Martin from PC Advisor said "We’ve seen a lot of powerline networking adapters, but nothing quite like Power Ethernet’s T1000.  This new British company aims to make powerline networking a lot more socially acceptable by ridding sockets of the unsightly ‘wall warts’ you'd traditionally associate with HomePlugs"

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HiddenWires logo

HiddenWires Product of the Month

The “Urban Installer” from HiddenWires in March 2012 said ”because of some brilliant technical support that really backed up a rather good product, my product of this month has to be the Power Ethernet PE Socket.”

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The Sunday Times logo

Sunday Times

Nick Rufford of The Sunday Times: “The quicker, more reliable alternative is to set up a wired network from your internet router or modem, but that doesn't have to mean laying miles of cable around the house. The electrical mains wiring in your home will also pipe the Internet into any room, and Power Ethernet sockets are the neatest way we've yet seen of exploiting that.”

The Telegraph logo

The Telegraph   (4/5)

Matt Warman at The Telegraph gave the PE Sockets 4 out of 5. “Even the most peculiar geek would struggle to find a power socket remotely alluring. And yet – who would have thought it? – there is much to get excited about in the products of British start-up Power Ethernet.”

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PC Pro Real World Computing

Paul Ockenden from PC PRO World Computing said: “In use, I’ve found Power Ethernet devices to be rock-solid. With other brands of HomePlug device I’ve found myself having to reset them from time to time as they lock up, but I’ve had no such trouble with these devices.”

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AV Forums Review

Stephen Withers from AV Forums review the PE Sockets “ We were genuinely impressed with both the professional look of the Power Ethernet sockets and their ability to create a highly effective network in my cottage. Not only were the sockets easy to install but the results were excellent and provide a genuine alternative to our WiFi which, due to the thickness of the walls, can be a bit touch and go at times.”

Trusted Reviews   (8/10)

Benny Har-Even for Trusted Reviews  gives PE Sockets 8 out of 10.
"The Power Ethernet Socket T1000 is a great idea integrating power and Ethernet into a double-plug sized socket, enabling a property to be networked up quickly and elegantly.”

Hexus   (3.5/5)

Parm Mann from Hexus rated the PE Sockets 3.5 out of 5 “For those awkward areas that wireless won't reach, the Power Ethernet Socket is a particularly attractive solution. Fitting neatly in place of a double-gang wall socket, it's well designed, easy to install and delivers stable network performance for up to four devices.

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PC PRO review   (4/6)

Dave Mitchell from PC PRO rate the PE Sockets 4 out of 6 “Speed aside, the T1000 offers reasonable value, as each provides four network ports and a power socket. The biggest advantage over standard adapters is the T1000’s integration with the building’s wiring, which makes them less likely to be removed – accidentally or deliberately.”

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ITProPortal   (9/10)

Jamie Carter from ITProPortal reviewed Power Ethernet Sockets as 9 out of 10: “Great for retrofitting a wired network into older houses or extending one to top floors and through lead-lined walls, this filtered power socket with four Ethernet network ports is easy to install and brings simple whole-house stability to network-connected gadgetry.”

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Surrey Digital

Michael Meeneghan, owner of Surrey Digital, said:"The one thing that nearly all buildings have, though, is mains power – and that’s where PE Sockets come in. In this instance, the install was further complicated by separate power circuits; Power Ethernet’s brilliant tech support helped me identify and bridge the two phases using PE sockets, creating a single network. PE sockets have since become my get-out-of-jail-free card – and I keep a couple of PE Sockets in my van at all times!”

InsideCI logo


Steve May from InsideCI affirmed "Overall, I was plenty impressed with the PE Socket. Installation is straight forward and can be handled by any competent electrician. I can see it proving popular with integrators looking for a cost-effective alternative to running additional data cabling and switching for both residential and commercial projects"

Konnectiv Technology

Kriss Hogg ,Managing Director of Konnectiv Technology Ltd said: "My client needed a professionally-installed cable networking solution to overcome the issues presented by this unique building. Power Ethernet sockets proved to be an ideal solution here; once the issues with RCBOs were overcome, the setup worked flawlessly, providing high-speed wireless internet access to all bedrooms."

MC Installations

Martin Chandler from MC Installations said: "Power Ethernet provided a very informative training, any questions were answered well and in many cases even before I asked. Overall I'm very happy with the training and the product.

Affleck Electrical

Lee Boden, Director of Affleck Electrical  said: "Power Ethernet training course provided a very good insight into a new and upcoming technology that could potentially make jobs a whole lot easier."

RF Cox & Son Electrical Services

Paul Cox from RF Cox & Son Electrical Services K said: "Top quality training like the top quality product"

P Shirley Electrical

Paul Shirley director of P Shirley Electrical  said: "Power Ethernet provided a very informative course, the instructors were highly experience, keeping you engaged at all times and giving you plenty opportunity to ask questions. I would highly recommend the training to anyone in the industry interested in openining new doors and joining an exciting and growing industry."

Bourne Valley Electrical Services Ltd

Lynn James Director of Bourne Valley Electrical Services Ltd  said: "Power Ethernet's Powerline workshop was very informative, with real case studies and very knowledgeable instructors who dispelled the myths that Ethernet couldn’t work across different electrical circuits. An eye opening course with easily understood material back it up with excellent technical knowledge."

Hever Castle Golf Club

Jon Wittenberg, Club Manager at Hever Castle Golf Club, said: Employing Power Ethernet sockets to link our remote huts and enable EPOS use has proved invaluable in improving the club’s catering capabilities. It’s not only pleased, but even surprised, our members that we are able to offer the same benefits of the main bar in these remote locations. It’s also sped up service at peak times, which has naturally increased our sales.”

Lord Stanley Pub

Tom Gilroy, Director of Stanley Pubs Ltd said "We looked at using WiFi, but the number of other wireless networks in nearby proximity, and even from customers’ smartphones – as well as the thick floors and walls of the pub – meant that the signal kept dropping out. Giving up on the wired network and installing Power Ethernet Sockets was a fantastic move for us – the Sockets have performed flawlessly. We would have lost thousands of pounds worth of business if we’d had to re-run cable."