Easy to install

The Powerline Sockets are easy to install

The Power Ethernet's Powerline Sockets incorporate Qualcom-Atheros Powerline chipset (which is compatible with HomePlug Alliance AV standard) along with other complementary technologies to create a high speed, secure network running along the existing mains cables available throughout the building.

Creating a Powerline network with the Powerline Sockets is very easy. Simply replace the existing power sockets with the Powerline Sockets (a minimum of 2 Powerline Sockets are required) and network connectivity will be available everywhere in the building where the Sockets are installed. There is no need to install any additional networking cabling as the electrical cables are transformed into electrical and data cables creating a fast and robust data network.

The Powerline Sockets are designed to automatically connect together to form a single meshed network secured with 128bit AES encryption and once installed, all the Ethernet ports on each Powerline Socket automatically linked together.

Designed with installers in mind and solving a range of networking challenges, the Powerline Socket simply replaces the existing power socket with no extra connections required over the standard live and neutral wires connections.

Back of a Powerline Socket

More devices and additional rooms can be easily added to the network simply by installing additional Powerline Sockets so creating a truly flexible, affordable networking solution.

The Powerline Socket uses Powerline technology to send the data signal across the existing mains wiring. The power outlets must be electrically connected and share the same circuit or phase for the Powerline signal to propagate through all the ring mains. It works equally well on spurs as rings.

In a typical home with a single consumer unit or fuse box, setting up the network is therefore simple and straight forward.

For larger installations, multiple Powerline networks can be joined together via an Ethernet cable. Please contact us for further information.

Powerline Sockets connected to a consumer unit

There are a number of factors that affect the quality and therefore the speed of a Powerline network:

  • The amount of electrical noise on the mains particularly close to the Powerline devices. The Powerline Socket includes a filtered power outlet to remove any locally generated electrical noise.
  • The cable distance between Powerline units.The Powerline Socket can be up to 300 metres apart (maximum distance on armoured cables)
  • Any RCBOs on the circuit can reduce the Powerline signal but general RCDs work fine. Power Ethernet have a number of technical solutions to installations with RCBOs -- please get in touch for further information
  • Two or more Powerline Sockets (or HomePlug AV compatible devices) are required to create a network.
  • The power outlets must be electrically connected and share the same circuit or phase, and be installed within 300m (max) of each other in order for Powerline devices to provide a network connection between them.