Power Ethernet T1000

Power Ethernet T1000 Powerline Socket

  • Install 2 or more Powerline devices to create a Poweline network
  • The Powerline devices will communicate with each other through the mains power cabling
  • Connect your computer, smart TVs and other kit via Ethernet cable
  • Powerline Devices managed via the Power Ethernet Management Software (PEMS)
  • Extend the network by adding new Powerline Sockets
  • Integrated filtered socket minimuses effect of any injected electrical noise
  • Includes a 4 port managed Ethernet switch

The Power Ethernet Sockets (Powerline Sockets) are the only HomePlug Powerline compatible products in the market that embed all the electronics inside a standard wall power socket.

The technology inside the Powerline Sockets allows the use of the existing mains cables as a way to transmit high speed data and environmental services throughout the building without the cost and disruption of installing additional cabling.

The Powerline Sockets provide a networking solution suitable for home users and businesses of all sizes and in all sectors by creating a robust and secure network with an easy installation that is tamper and theft proof. The unit also complies with Health & Safety regulations.

Power Ethernet Sockets in a home

For further product information, including the user manuals, visit the Power Ethernet Customer website.

  • Provide easy and cost effective network deployments
  • No rewiring required - uses existing mains cables
  • Simple to install by any electrician
  • Minimises business disruption and downtime
  • Reduces infrastructure costs
  • Removes the clutter and danger of cables
  • Minimises installation disruption
  • Advance network functionality
  • Becomes part of the building infrastructure
  • Ethernet across a meshed network
  • Range up to 300m between Powerline Sockets over the mains cables
  • Connect the broadband router to any Powerline Socket to share Internet access
  • Fast enough to stream High Definition (HD) video
  • Utilises the Qualcomm Atheros chipsets which are compatible with HomePlug Alliance AV standard
  • Supports all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) with Ethernet ports (RJ45)
  • Built in managed switch supports TOS Bits and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Built-in AES 128 bit security to encrypt data sent over the mains power cabling
  • Support for TV over IP (IPTV), Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Ethernet CCTV cameras
  • For larger installations, multiple Powerline networks can be joined together via an Ethernet cable
  • Two or more Powerline Sockets (or HomePlug AV compatible devices) are required to create a network.
  • The power outlets must be electrically connected and share the same circuit or phase, and be installed within 300m (max) of each other in order for Powerline devices to provide a network connection between them.

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