Power Ethernet T1101

Mainline Premium Data Socket - MLPDW (T1101)

  • Install 2 or more devices to create a Poweline network
  • Mix and match from other products in the Power Ethernet range
  • The devices will communicate with each other through the mains power cabling
  • Connect your computer, smart TVs and other kit via Ethernet cable
  • Devices managed via the Power Ethernet Management Software (PEMS)

Introducing the world’s first truly flexible power and data solution

The Mainline Premium Data Socket uses Power Ethernet’s Powerline technology to enable high speed, reliable networking running through the Mainline track without the need to install any new cabling.

The Mainline Premium Data Socket provides complete freedom to access the network. Simply add, remove or reposition the Mainline Premium Data Sockets using its innovative twist-in, twist-out mechanism to create a robust data network where needed.

  • Compatible with the Mainline track system
  • High speed data solution for the Mainline flexible power solution
  • Quickly and simply add, remove or reposition network points where needed
  • Built-in 4 port managed Ethernet switch provides business class networking
  • Solution is typically a third of the cost of alternatives without the delay and disruption of running new cables
  • Can be use anywhere in the world where there is Mainline track

For further product information, including the user manuals, visit the Power Ethernet Customer website.

Power Ethernet T1101 in Mainline Power track
  • Provide easy and cost effective network deployments
  • No rewiring required - uses existing mains cables
  • Simple to install by any electrician
  • Minimises business disruption and downtime
  • Reduces infrastructure costs
  • Removes the clutter and danger of cables
  • Minimises installation disruption
  • Advance network functionality
  • Becomes part of the building infrastructure
  • Ethernet across a meshed network
  • Range up to 300m between Powerline Sockets over the mains cables
  • Connect the broadband router to any Powerline Socket to share Internet access
  • Fast enough to stream High Definition (HD) video
  • Utilises the Qualcomm Atheros chipsets which are compatible with HomePlug Alliance AV standard
  • Supports all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) with Ethernet ports (RJ45)
  • Built in managed switch supports TOS Bits and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Built-in AES 128 bit security to encrypt data sent over the mains power cabling
  • Support for TV over IP (IPTV), Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Ethernet CCTV cameras
  • For larger installations, multiple Powerline networks can be joined together via an Ethernet cable
  • Two or more Powerline Sockets (or HomePlug AV compatible devices) are required to create a network.
  • The power outlets must be electrically connected and share the same circuit or phase, and be installed within 300m (max) of each other in order for Powerline devices to provide a network connection between them.

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