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Freedom to access the network from anywhere

With the growing requirement for network access and VoIP telephones on every desk, few businesses have enough Ethernet ports to go around. Although WiFi is used for mobile staff, it is not reliable or fast enough to be used as a primary network medium.

The challenge for businesses that want to expand their network is how to install a cost-effective networking solution without the cost and disruption of having to install additional CAT5/6 cabling.

Power Ethernet products are suitable for businesses of all sizes and are flexible and expandable. By simply replacing the power sockets already installed in the building with our unique Powerline Sockets, a secure Ethernet network is immediately created with all the advantages of reliability, compliance with Health & Safety regulations and aesthetic appeal.

Power Ethernet sockets in a Business

Find out how Power Ethernet sockets can help solve your business challenges:


  • Simple networking solution 
  • No rewiring needed: use existing mains cables
  • New class of intelligent high speed networking
  • Saves the cost and the disruption of installing CAT5/6 cables
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Minimal disruption and no mess
  • Easy to install by any electrician
  • Eliminate coverage black spots