Heritage and Listed buildings

Heritage and Listed buildings

Enhance the customer’s satisfaction by delivering “interactive experiences”

Heritage is at the heart of the UK tourism industry today, as it has been for decades. However, the heritage tourism sector faces major challenges if it is to continue to thrive in the future as visitors increasingly demand “interactive experiences”, moving from passive spectators to active participants.

In order to attract visitors and provide a more appealing service, especially for young people, historic and listed buildings have to deliver new digital services such as interactive touch-screen installations and electronic point-of-sale systems and be able to provide access to web-based information via internet terminals.

The challenge is to install data networks without the disruption, cost and required planning consent when many of these old buildings are legally protected against alteration.

By just unscrewing and replacing existing power sockets with the Powerline Sockets a fast and reliable data network is instantly creating, removing the cost and disruption of installing additional data cabling, and allowing owners and managers of historic and listed buildings, to abide by the strict rules and regulations which prevent any structural or permanent cosmetic changes taking place.

The Powerline Sockets network not only provide connectivity for multiple different services including interactive touch-screens but also supports security systems, such as CCTV and asset alarms, and building management systems that control heating, lighting and other functions.

Power Ethernet Socket in a heritage building


  • Simple networking solution
  • Ability to deliver digital services
  • Internet access throughout the building
  • No rewiring needed: use existing mains cables
  • No planning consent required
  • Saves cost and disruption of installing CAT5/6 cables
  • Easy to install by any electrician
  • Minimal disruption and no mess