Hi-Fi Specialists

Hi-Fi Specialists

Simple networking solution for multi-room audio distribution.

Distribution of audio throughout the home or office has come of age. Having the ability to listen to different music in every room as well as streaming music from the internet requires a high speed and reliable networking solution.

Installing Ethernet cables is expensive and very disruptive; the cables need to be channelled into the wall or surface-mounted in unsightly trunking and it normally involves additional cost of “making good” and matching the decor which could include wallpaper.WiFi networks are normally overload becoming patchy and unreliable to deliver a high quality service.

The Powerline Sockets are the ideal solution for Audio specialist to provide a high-speed, reliable network without the need of any rewiring , the cost and disruption of installing additional cabling or reliance on WiFi networks.

By just replacing the traditional power sockets with Powerline Sockets a high speed, secure Ethernet network is instantly created running across the existing electrical mains cabling. Connecting any Powerline Socket to a broadband service enables the sharing of Internet connectivity and digital audio content among the other Powerline Sockets. More devices and additional rooms can be easily added to the network simply by installing additional Powerline Sockets so creating a truly flexible, affordable networking solution with advanced networking features that are required for streaming music around the home or office.

Power Ethernet House


  • High speed, reliable networking solution
  • Ability to deliver digital music throughout the building
  • No rewiring needed: use existing mains cables
  • Internet access everywhere in the building
  • No costly structural alterations
  • New class of intelligent networking
  • Eliminates cost of "making good" the decor including fixing wallpaper
  • Allows network to be easily expanded
  • Eliminate coverage black spots