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High Speed networking solution throughout the building

As Home Automation systems become increasingly cheaper and technology advances provide a wider variety of home automation applications, providers of these systems must find simpler solutions other than structural cabling to install a high-speed Internet access throughout the home capable of delivering digital entertainment and environmental data.

With Powerline Sockets creating a high speed, high reliable network throughout the home is easy and cost effective. There is no need for costly structural alterations as existing mains wiring is used as the transport mechanism for the delivery of all forms of digital data or environmental devices.

By simply replacing the existing power sockets with the Powerline Sockets a high speed network is instantly created able to provide a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection anywhere need it at home.

Power Ethernet building

Find out how Power Ethernet sockets can help solve your business challenges:


  • Simple networking solution
  • No rewiring needed: use existing mains cables
  • Internet access everywhere in the building
  • No costly structural alterations
  • New class of intelligent high speed, secure networking
  • Backbone network  for the delivery of digital media and environmental data
  • Eliminates cost of "making good" the decor including fixing wallpaper
  • Allows network to be easily expanded
  • Eliminate coverage black spots