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Provide Internet access throughout the building

With Power Ethernet's Integrated Powerline Solution, Hotels can now offer greater hospitality, increase competitiveness and create new revenue streams by providing Internet access in each room.

Power Ethernet unique solution incorporates powerline and other complementary technologies inside the wall socket to provide a fast, robust and reliable networking solution that runs over the electrical mains wiring.

As no rewiring is needed (the electrical cables also become data cables) there is no need for any redecoration or building works and hotel's normal operations are not interrupted.

The solution is built into the wall, the installation is discreet, theft and tamper-proof, looks aesthetically pleasing and normally fit into the same time slots that regular hotel's maintenance works occurs hence downtime keeps to a minimum.

Power Ethernet at Hotels

Find out how Power Ethernet sockets can help solve your business challenges:


  • Internet access in every hotel room
  • Unified network for "Triple Play”
  • New revenue streams 
  • No rewiring needed: use existing mains cables
  • No costly structural alterations
  • Minimal disruption and no mess
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Eliminate coverage black spots