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Saving tons of both time and money on the challenging installation of data networking on vessels

The increasing demand for a secure and high speed network infrastructure on vessels, requires an industrial grade and robust networking solution which form part of the vessel’s infrastructure.

Installing structural cabling is time consuming, expensive and disruptive as it requires some alteration to the fabric of the vessel to not compromise the watertight/fireproof integrity and demands space which is a scarce resource. WiFi cannot offer the reliability or penetrate the fabric of the structure owning to the high amount of metalwork.

The Powerline Sockets provide instant distribution of satellite Internet access across the whole vessel by creating a data network that runs over the electrical wiring on board. As there is no need of installing any new cabling, the network is deployed in a matter of hours and wherever needed in the vessel without any major work to on-board structures. This, not only made the networking deployment cost-effective, but also minimised disruption and downtime.

Power Ethernet at vessels

Find out how Power Ethernet sockets can help solve your business challenges:


  • Internet access in every room where needed
  • Unified network for "Triple Play"
  • New revenue streams 
  • No rewiring needed: use existing mains cables
  • No costly structural alterations
  • Minimal disruption and no mess
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Eliminate coverage black spots