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Temporary and Specialist Structures

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Providing on-site high speed, high reliability and secure network access within temporary buildings from portable cabins to oil rigs has become indispensable as site workers need remote access to documents and collaboration systems located on corporate networks. The trend to deploy more skilled labour in the field instead of forcing workers to move back and forth from office to site, is increasing. Productivity can be improved by basing them on site and provide them with all the IT they would use in the office.

Installing data cables is expensive, it takes time to be installed as it involves digging and there is often a risk of damaging the fibre laid across sites. When repositioning is needed, cables have to be dug up and reinstalled.

Power Ethernet's integrated networking solution enables quick deploy of IT services. Its flexibility allow companies to adapt to changing requirements to meet the needs of the staff on-site and it is simple to expand with minimum downtime.The cost and time savings are considerable compared to using a separate structured cable solution.

Power Ethernet at Portable buildings

Find out how Power Ethernet sockets can help solve your business challenges:


  • Simple networking solution
  • Internet access everywhere in the installation
  • No need to install structural cables, no digging, no risk of damaging the fibre: use existing mains cables
  • Easy to install by any electrician
  • New class of intelligent high speed networking
  • Allows network to be easily expanded
  • Adds value by providing a network-ready temporary building